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Be at your best in every workout as you focus more on the challenge and less on the chalking up with the Spider Chalk 7oz. Super-Mega Chalk Block! Guaranteeing you a 99% pure, lab-tested magnesium carbonate powder that provides better grip, more reps, and increased performance! The Spider Chalk provides you with a reliable, quality workout hand chalk that’s made only with pure magnesium carbonate that’s very rare but features a superior drying ability while superiorly adhering to your hand. It sponsored more than 200 athletic events in 2016 and 2017 including multiple regional and national powerlifting events, fitness competitions, and charity events; making it a trustworthy companion in your daily workout. This Super-Mega Gym Chalk Block lasts two times longer than the regular imported chalk. A single 7oz. chalk block is equal to more than 1 pound of a regular chalk. These blocks are denser, cleaner, and dryer, allowing each to last several training and workout sessions. In Spider Chalk, we use a more sophisticated process to ensure a better block with pure ingredients and no slimy binder or dangerous fillers that may harm your health. Have tacky, dry hands in every workout you do and experience improved performance! Whether you’re a gymnast swinging on bars and rings, a mountaineer who’s fond of conquering mountains, or a lifter wanting the most grip in each weight, the Spider Chalk Super-Mega Chalk Block is for you!


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